Saturday, December 7, 2013

Prone to wonder.

If you don’t know anything about me, know this: I wonder.

I wonder about little things, and I wonder about big things.

The fact of the matter is, I wonder. A little too much? We’re all entitled to our own opinion.

Recently, I’ve been wondering about what would it look like if Jesus was in the spotlight.

Now, in Biblical times Jesus was the spotlight, but was He in the spotlight?

To make things a little less muddy, did Jesus worship the spotlight, or did the spotlight worship Jesus.

The answer is an obvious one, but what makes it such.

In the present day times, all over social media, links are shared of people who participate in wrongdoing, whether it be accidental, small, or large. The ones that are the most shared have the “Christian” label on them.

“Man who claims to be a Christian commits this…”

“Pastor does this…..”

“Preacher’s kid did that…”

And we go NUTS. “You call that person a CHRISTIAN? You let that man lead your Church? Shouldn’t the Pastor of a Church be the model on how to raise a family?!”

…are you ready to vomit yet?

There are two answers to those questions.
1.     Yes, Yes, Yes, because we believe in a Perfect being, we should also strive for Perfection.
2.     We fail just as much as everyone else. And (whether we accept it or not) we are not better than anyone else.

Isn’t it interesting that the most minor hiccups that a Christian commits, become the most magnified in society, yet the bigger the risk that Jesus threw Himself into, the more perfect He somehow became…

So why are followers of Christ put under such a magnifying lens by the world?
In my opinion, the answer is simple.
Because there is no denying the reality of Jesus.

Jesus performs miracles regularly, the more He performs, the more the spotlight gradually illuminates Him. I find it interesting that during the most clutch time in Biblical history, when Jesus conquered death and rose from the grave, He wasn’t the one that said anything about it first. It required people to seek the grave (the spotlight) to realize it wasn’t there anymore. And when Jesus did talk He didn’t say “Dude, did you see that?” Instead, in the most humble, selfless, and perfect way imaginable He made His disciples realize that the ultimate battle had been defeated, they were eyewitnesses, and then they were instructed to go and make disciples of all nations.

When Jesus died on the cross, He offered us eternal life, and because of that we were given a spiritual spotlight that we will never be able to attain. But because of security in the Gospel, it’s a beautiful ride.

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